Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Find your resources/expertise at “The Digital Electronics Blog” for your next projects!

The Digital Electronics Blog is happy to announce the launch of a new service aimed at providing a link between our wealth of developer resources and companies in the chip design industry. It is very clear that within this community there is an expert level of competence and experience across all areas of vlsi engineering ready to be utilized as a component for larger projects.

The expert competencies are not limited to …

· ASICs, SoCs
· DSPs
· Functional & Formal Verification
· HW-design
· Board Design

We will of course try to support all requests related to development projects in corporations or either just student projects.

Currently, this service is handled on an individual basis and customized per demand.

Requests can be sent to “The Digital Electronics Blog” by email to onenanometer[at] and the project opportunity will be published on and . The Digital Electronics Blog will get back to you shortly and present a handful of the best candidates including CV and a description of why these profiles are suitable for the assignment.

If this is of interest for you, please send an email to onenanometer[at] including:

1. Job description (short description of the project and product)
2. Required competence (need to have)
3. Additional competence (good to have)
4. Geographical location (including info if this is a in-house project or not)
5. Start date (Tentative)
6. Length of project (End date)
7. Visa sponsorship (if overseas)?
8. Moving expenses (Full/Partial)?
9. Other perks during the assignment?

Also make sure to add your contact information, so we can contact you.

For Jobseekers:

This service is absolutely free! All you need to do is send in your detailed resume with complete details. If need be we will reach you by phone.

Email: onenanometer[at]


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