Monday, March 15, 2010

Job openings @ ST Microelectronics India - Analog: HSL

Analog Design Engr: HighSpeedLink

Good Analog/Digital Ckt design fundamentals, CMOS process & Devices, Transmission Lines,

Schematic, Simulation, Layout finishing Knowledge;
High Speed Analog/SERDES designs,
Understanding of HDL, MATLAB;
Fast learner, innovative thinking.

B.Tech/M.Tech from IIT/Very Good Instt.


  1. My name is Shruthi V.M. I have done my B.E. in Bangalore after which I have worked with TCS for one year as Asst. Systems Engineer. I have completed my Masters in VLSI at the University of Florida, Gainesville, with an achievement award from the university. I am looking out for an opening in integrated circuits and communications. Will I fit into this posted vacany? Please advise.

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