Thursday, March 4, 2010

Job Request: VLSI based Jobs

Dear Hiring Manager,                                                                                   
I would like to express my interests in applying for the Full-time/contract position in the field of Electrical Engineer.
I am a recently college graduate(Masters Degree)  in Electrical Engineering at California State University, Sacramento. During first semester of my graduate studies, I have taken courses -Analog and Mixed Design Integrated Circuits, CMOS and VLSI, Advanced Logic Design. Analysis of Analog and Digital system design have given me an in-depth knowledge of digital aspects of designs. Projects in Analog Circuits, Digital Design, CMOS and VLSI  have exposed me to the circuits requirements, designing the simple circuits using PSpice Tool, coding programs  in Verilog and VHDL for different Lab projects ,  CMOS layout, CMOS circuit design, basic VLSI layouts using  L-edit Tool to design a  project.
In the Second  and  Third Semesters  I have taken  Micro Computer System Design,  Advanced timing analysis, Advanced VLSI Design for Test, Fiber Optic Communications, Power Economic Dispatch courses. Micro Computer System Design has given me a fair exposure to PCI /PCI Express Architecture ,  the course work  exposed  to the bus timings arbitrations and multi-factors that must be kept in mind when designing for a bus.  Advanced Timing Analysis  has taught me  TCL scripting, static timing analysis,  clock timing issues, timing exceptions, operating conditions . Advanced VLSI Design for Test exposed me to  to IC design for test techniques, Semiconductor Fabrication process.   The projects have taught me professional way of presentations and documentations. Course Projects in detail are included in resume.
My courses and various course projects have helped me to put relevant skills and knowledge into practice some of the strengths that I can offer include being a hard worker eager and willing to learn. I have ability to achieve results in demanding situations. I am confident that my qualifications and experience match the skills you look for in an Intern and I can be a valuable asset to your team. I am a Indian National and thinking to come back and work for  in India . I would appreciate if you can arrange an appointment so that we can discuss more about my experience and the skills. I am attaching a resume with this mail for your kind perusal. Thank you for your consideration.
Best Regards,
Vakula Peesari
Address : 508 Pine Garden Lane, #F Sacramento, CA 95825       Email:
Contact Number: 916-221-1715


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